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"I wanted to be rich my entire life..."

The Cure presents a simplified financial plan that is designed to improve your relationship with money from day one. It will help you develop the discipline to take care of your money so your money can take care of you. Follow the steps of the plan and you will gain self-empowerment, peace, and freedom.
Get cured from that disease we call "Brokeness."


Adrian richardson

Adrian Richardson is a Houston native. He grew up in Missouri City where he graduated from Willowridge High school in 2001. After graduation he enlisted in the United States Navy as an Aviation Ordinance man from 2001-2005. After the Navy, Adrian attended Houston Community College (HCC) and obtained an Associate’s Degree in Respiratory Care and became an Intensive Care Respiratory Therapist at the Methodist Hospital.

In 2011 Adrian decided it was time for a career change, so he enrolled in the University of Houston’s Finance program. He became passionate about saving, investing, and retirement planning.

In 2014, Adrian left school to embark on business ownership. He took a proven business concept, along with a personal $30,000 investment, and turned that into a business making a million dollars in gross revenue annually. That business is She’s Happy Hair Dallas.

Today Adrian is the chief product, financial, and resource manager for the entire She’s Happy Hair brand. He also continues to look for ways to save, invest, and prepare for retirement.

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